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Posted on: July 28, 2009 10:06 pm
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1990-Present Fantasy Football Leagues

I have been getting some interest of other posters wanting to make an identical league for their team, just like the example below in those websites. This blog is to find out which of the posters are in reality, interested in creating a rival league to the Kansas City Chiefs League. My hope is to find out who is all serious about creating an identical fantasy league shown in the websites below, and after all of the leagues tournaments are finally over with. We have a tournament with all of the League Champions squared off against each, in an AFL-NFL playoff format in honor of the 50th Anniversity of the AFL. Where the League Champions representing the teams that played in the AFL during the AFL years play in one bracket, and the League Champions representing the team who were in the NFL before 1970, or have been in the NFL during their entire existence play in the other half. If we have to change the Tournament Format later on, we can. My hope is to have, at least, 2 Leagues created for each half of the bracket. The Champions' Tournament format can be changed, though, depending on how many leagues we end up with. Any fan that will be interested in creating, or joining a league for their team will not be turned away, unless their team's league has already been filled up, in which case the fan will be put on a waiting list, in case one of the team owners for that league are unable to complete building their team. Creating a league is now done. We will be focusing on getting this 9 Leagues filled, and trying to get them through the draft, to the tournament, and their Champion into the Championship Round.

Keep in mind this is no ordinary Fantasy League. You are actually adding only players that played for your team from 1990-2008.


Is it free?
A1: The leagues, and the Champions Tournament are 100% free.

Q2: How much time will it take me?
A2: The leagues as a whole, will take probably around 3-6 months. It will vary depending on how long each independent drafts last, rather there is free agency and how long that lasts, and how long each round lasts. However, you will probably be asked to put a minutes, or 2 every couple of days, and you will only be setting your starting line-up up once.

Q3: How is the scoring to work, since there are players who are already retired?
A3: Remember, this is no ordinary draft. Individual stats do not mean anything in this league. You are trying to build the best team possible. The better your offensive line is, the more time your QB will have before he risks being sacked, and the more yards per carry your RB will get. The worse your offensive line is, your QB is going to be in danger of getting sacked a lot, and your RB will have less yards per carry. Once all of the teams are complete. You will be faced off against other teams in your league, in a tournament. The games will be decided by fan voting. The fans will be voting for which team they believe will win the game head-to-head. Each fan gets one vote per game. 1 vote = 1 point. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the game will win.

Q4: What if the game ends up as a tie, what will be the tiebreaker?
A4: Once the game has been declared over. All the points will be added up. If the game ends up as a tie, than the League Commishioner will decide how to break the tie.

However, what will be done in the Champions' Tournament is that if a game ends up in a tie. The game will be reopened, for a sudden death, like in the real NFL. Once 1 voter makes a vote, the game will end, and the tie will be broken.


Chiefs' Recruiting: http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/

Chiefs' Draft/Trades/Free Agency: http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/

Chiefs Games: http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/messag
, http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/messag
, http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/messag
, http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/messag

The team owners can decide had to recruit team owners, add players onto the team, how to run the draft, rather there is a draft, rather there is a free agency, how to run free agency, rather there is trading, rather the tournament is non-elimination, double-elimation, single-elimation, or so on, how form the draft, tournament format, and basicall anything besides the rules I have listed below for all leagues to follow.

The reason why all leagues must follow these is so we can have the League Champion's Tournament work with as little confusion as possible.

A) All games are to be voted by the fans. Each fan's vote is worth 1 point, but the team owner's for that tournament do not have a vote. This is to prevent bias voting among the owners.

NOTE: Prefer that you keep the team owners' idenities secret, and have all troll's vote worth 0 point, but that part is up the individual leagues.

B) Offense will be a 9-team starting line up of 1QB, 1RB, 2WRs, and 5OLs.

C) 1. Defense will be a 9-team starting line up of 3DLs, 3LBs, 2CBs, and 1 Safety for the 3-3 defense (It is a smaller 3-4 defense.).
C) 2. Defense will be a 9-team starting line up of 4DLs, 2LBs, 2CBs, and 1 Safety for the 4-2 defense (It is a smaller 4-3 defense.).

D) There will only be 18 players per team. There is no special teams, no back ups, and no Practice Squad.

E) All players added to the teams must have been on your team's roster during the seasons of 1990-2008, and played in at least 8 games with that team.

F) The player that you will be drafting will be the player during their best years with your favorite team. So Kansas City Chiefs' League would have the DE Neil Smith of 1988-1996 during his best years during those 9 season. The Denver Broncos' League would have the DE Neil Smith of 1997-1999 during his best years during those 3 seasons.

G) The most important rule is. If there is any rule you do not want to break. This is the one. Have fun doing this.

So with that all said. If you are interested in creating one these leagues. Please post on here to let me know if you seriously want to start one up. You do not have to have a league, yet, to post on here. This is just for posters who are interested. Once we have, at least, 4 teams, or at the end of the week (Whichever one comes last.), we will go on from there, and try to help each other get our league's completed.

These exceptions are for the Cleveland Browns (1990-1995; 1999-2008), the Carolina Panthers (1995-2008), the Jacksonville Jaguars (1995-2008), the Baltimore Ravens (1996-2008), and the Houston Texans (2002-2008) ONLY!!!

These are all options for the five leagues, The League Commishioner can choose whichever one they choose from their League's Options.

CLEVELAND BROWNS: A) The League Commishioner can add the 1987-1989 seasons to make up for the three years out of football.  B) The League Commishioner can run the league with 4-6 teams, if 8 teams are too much. C) The League Commishioner does not have to use either Option A, or Option B.

Currently Have...

1. 1990-Present Kansas City Chiefs League: Commishioner Death2Broncos2 (Created by Death2Broncos2)
TEAM OWNERS: Death2Broncos2, gi_hoke, SOSUSAVAGE, Bowe4Prez, naravenhawk, DCN88, ShoeShineBoy, KC69_85 (FULL.)
LEAGUE CHAMPION: Cottonmouth Monsters

2. 1990-Present Pittsburgh Steelers League: Commishioner GoSteelers!86
TEAM OWNERS: GoSteelers!86, gordiancyon, steelerinnc2, steelers=sb, REATT, SUPRSTEELER1, SLRSteelCity, Gold9 (FULL.)

3. 1990-Present Tampa Bay Buccaneers League: Commishioner Cigarfox

4. 1990-Present Denver Broncos League: Commishioner G.A.G.'SSports
TEAM OWNERS: G.A.G.'SSports,BroncoInCALI, BoomorBust, J-Sivo24, Matt Thompson, johnnytsunami, Authentic, miked383 (FULL.)
ALTERNATES:1. fatlee 2. mikeyfan1599 3. champboykins 4. RockiesRULES8

5. 1990-Present Cleveland Browns League: Commishioner DGNR8

6. 1990-Present Houston/Tennesse Oilers/Titans League: Commishioner GTucker
TEAM OWNERS: GTucker, titans3210 (6 SPOTS REMAINING.)

7. 1990-Present New England Patriots League: Commishioner arth654562
TEAM OWNERS: arth654562, RandyMoss81, Cain=CYYOUNG, Flash3, koolkarma, kloc (FULL.)

8. 1990-Present Seattle Seahawks League: Commishioner largent21

9. 1990-Present Buffalo Bills League: Commishioner Hit-N-Run4Life
TEAM OWNERS: Hit-N-Run4Life, Ryne_Dee, Terrence T, Maybin, Sportsfreak2369 (3 SPOTS REMAINING.)

We have reached our goal of 4 leagues as the minimum. We can have up to 32 leagues as the maximum.

GOOD WEBSITE FOR DRAFTING:  http://www.pro-football-reference.c
 (Click on your team. You can acqurie every player on the team's roster from 1990-present, as long as they played at least 1/2 a season with your team.)

This is 100% free.
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